A new passion for purchasing gold is leading to new choices.

Americans purchasing gold may soon have an exciting new gold product that allows for real flexibility.  The offering of the CombiBar, a gold bar the size of a credit card, has taken Austria and Germany by storm.  The broad appeal is due to the fact that the CombiBar can be broken off by hand into one gram squares.  This has led some investors to call it "the chocolate bar". 

Swiss refinery Valcambi wants to bring this unique product to the United States.  People purchasing gold for security reasons, like the idea that in desperate times the credit card sized bars could be used as an alternate method of payment.

Purchasing gold has always been popular in tough economic times.  What stood in the way for some potential customers was the commitment to major buys.  This new approach is appealing to first time buyers worried about the economic conditions around the world.

It is also gaining popularity among grandparents who like the idea of giving their grandchildren "mini gold bars" or strips of gold rather than gold coins.  They are even being offered in machines under the name "GOLD to go".

It’s always exciting when a new product captures the imagination for people purchasing gold.  These little gold bars are typically being held at home, collected like coins, and given as gifts.  But customers have to be careful if they are viewing this as a method of payment.  To use gold for purchasing is difficult because of the lack of verification at the point of sale.

For now, I view the little gold chocolate bars as a fun novelty and a way to capture the imagination of those investing in gold.  Buying gold from vending machines, breaking off bits to give as gifts and keeping gold in the home is a fun and unique way to inspire the investors in the future.

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