No matter if you are a Paul Anka, Joni Mitchell or Justin Beiber fan, you are supporting Canadians. For hundreds of years Canadian exports have topped the United States music charts as well as favorite options of coin collectors. While I cannot personally support the Beib (I prefer that my music icons have gone through puberty) I can say I do choose to buy Canada silver coins as I trust the Royal Canadian Mint.

There was a time when Canadian coins were thought to be like funny money; American’s got a better exchange rate and the legal tender used materials different than American mints. However, now the tables have turned, freshly minted American silver dollars have devalued and the Canadian mint brought their A game courtesy of maple leaf coins.

The first maple leaf coins were gold and minted in 1976 by the Royal Canadian Mint as they have been charged with producing the stunning Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin.  From 1979 until 1981 the gold maple leaf coins contained .999 percent gold: in 1982, these gold coins were produced out .9999 percent pure gold (24K).

The first silver maple leaf was made in 1988 with a $5 face value for the 1 oz silver coin.  This value is the highest among international silver bullion coins but despite that, it does not take a fortune to buy Canada silver coins. Thanks to a purity level of 99.99 percent silver, weight and current silver prices, individuals can buy Canada silver coins for under $35 a pop (check out this Canada silver coin on Merit Gold).

Unsuspecting consumers who want to buy Canada silver coins are better off working with a reputable coin dealer than taking a chance. I don’t know about you, but every time I travel abroad, I always think the money may be fake, as am only used to the American counterparts. Novices to buying silver coins are at risk of for buying fake if they opt to buy Canada silver coins not produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, so why take a chance.

Yeah ,its true that the metals are great investments.It is because the silver bars are traded as investments in various markets internationally.


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