The end of 2012 saw investors flock to US gold coins.  Gold has had a great rise for the past 11 years, but 2012 saw a leveling off.  The last two months, however, saw a great upturn in interest in US gold coins.  The fiscal cliff standoff moved new buyers to consider US gold coins as a way to purchase a tangible investment.  Local and online coin dealers saw a rush in the post-election months.  The portability and convenience of these gold products are also very appealing to the new investor.

For those who think gold futures are way too complicated and view gold certificates as just a piece of paper, the security of investing in something you can hold in your hand or keep in your safety deposit box is a big draw.

The sheer variety of gold US gold coins also makes entering the collecting market fun and exciting.  Some are drawn to the historic imagery or the memories they represent.  Other’s like the idea of investing in gold which has always been treasured.

Gold has captured the imagination throughout human history and 2013 is expected to be another winning year.  The global economic crisis has turned the eyes of the world once again to gold as a stable place to invest.  There are always people who believe that gold is the one investment that can get them through any crisis.  But now, the booming interest in investing in small amounts of gold can be seen worldwide. 

Small amounts of gold are even being sold in vending machines and the demand for gold jewelry in places like India and China has never been higher. 

If you are interested in collecting or investing gold coins, make sure you are not paying an exorbitant premium.  Because of the high price of gold, many new dealers are rushing to the market trying to get rich quick off of the inexperienced buyer.  Be sure to buy from a reputable dealer who guarantees the coins sold and can advise you on proper insurance, storage and care.

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