Silver Eagles continue to reach new heights in the collectable coin market.  The attraction is obvious.  Silver Eagles are one of the few silver coins backed by the US Government guarantee.  Silver Eagles have attracted customers worldwide. 

With the high price of gold, many new investors feel priced out of the gold market and are looking to silver.  Silver coins throughout the world are of varying quality and silver content.  There is also always the risk of counterfeit coins. Silver Eagles put those concerns aside. is a great place to learn about investing and collecting in silver coins.  You can track the price of silver, read about collectable proof sets and get the latest tips from knowledgable investment advisors.  There are special sections on US silver coins, Australian silver coins, Canadian silver coins and New Zealand silver coins.

Coin  collecting  can  be  a  fun  thing  for  parents  and  kids  to  do  together.  The  kid-friendly  site is a great place to teach you kids about coins and their history and value.  You can also go to the library and check out the coin value guides.  Be sure to educate each other about the important point of coin collecting including grading and storage.

There are many places to buy collectable coins including coin shows, flea markets, and coin dealers like Merit Gold.  Wherever you decide to purchase, make sure you are not exceeding your budget.  It is true that coins are an investment, but you cannot always quickly get the money out of them if you decide to sell.

People dream about striking it rich by finding the one rare coin that will make them thousands.  The reason these coins are so valuable is that there is little chance of finding others.  Do not assume you will be the lucky one.  It is much wiser to start a long term approach.  Like any investment, you should expect growth over time.

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