The other day I was talking with some friends about our respective retirement plans and how we’ll be able to afford to live. With all of the fiscal uncertainty in the U.S., in Europe, and across the world, we’re all worried about our retirement funds and don’t know that we can rely on Social Security. We’ve talked about buying stocks and our various IRAs, but I keep coming back to the idea of buying gold. My father and my grandfathers all relied on gold investments to see them through their retirements and I think I should do the same. But where can I buy gold where I know I’m getting a good deal and where I have options?

I’ve been doing my research and I’ve asked my investment and retirement advisors where can I buy gold and the answer I keep coming back to – and that everyone is telling me – is that I should buy my gold online. There are some very reputable, established precious metals companies with online storefronts, and those are what I am looking into. I’ve set myself some criteria for evaluating all of them, and here’s what I’m looking at:

·         How are the gold prices calculated? How much above market is their mark-up?

·        What are their purchase requirements? Do they require a minimum purchase? How fast can I lock in the price and how    do I do it?

·         How are the shipping costs calculated and will they ship to my home or to a vault, if that’s the way I decide to go?

·         What’s their customer service like and do they have a good reputation?

My answer to the question: Where can I buy gold? keeps coming back to one company: Merit Gold. They’ve been in business for many years, they have a stellar reputation, and they are willing to let me make smaller purchases over time, rather than buying a lump sum all at once. Additionally, their shipping policies are reasonable, and I really was impressed with the person who answered the phone when I called with some questions. The man was bright, pleasant, and he was able to answer my questions without having to repeatedly put me on hold (which is what happened with some of the other companies that I called).

If gold was good enough for my father and for my grandfathers, it’s certainly good enough for me. I’ll be buying gold to diversify my retirement portfolio, because I know that gold is a good investment, for the long-term. As for where can I buy gold – I’ll be buying it from Merit Gold. They really have impressed me.

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